Kindness is the feature that makes you the most beautiful
Kindness looks gorgeous on you!
Rebecca Reid

If you keep falling for the wrong person you aren’t alone.

It may be time to stop looking outward and start looking inward at what you really want in a relationship. We’ve all heard it before but happiness starts within so if a meaningful connection is what you are hoping to find, try this self checklist to help you start your journey the right way.

Here are 9 ways to attract a healthy relationship:

1. Have a healthy self-image.

If you don’t love who you are as a person, it may be hard for someone else to feel a love connection. It is so important to see yourself as a valuable person who is worthy of happiness. Acknowledge your flaws because we are all human. However, don’t get hung up on them…just accept them and accept the things that make you special and unique.

2. Have fun!

Don’t forget that you don’t need to be in a relationship to have fun. You can join a class, meet with friends, pursue a hobby to name just a few. Don’t let the search for love stop you from living your life.

3. Don’t overthink it!

Listen, even the most loving relationships have their trials. Don’t expect your partner to be perfect and don’t overthink little things along the way. Everything will work itself out and it will either work out or it won’t. No sense in worrying about that until you need to…just enjoy the moment and relax.

4. Try to remember what makes a relationship great.

When you think about the relationships you have with friends, parents, or siblings…you know why they are special. These are solid foundations of unconditional love. This will give you some perspective on what type of partner you should be looking for.

5. Don’t make it all about appearance.

It might be exciting to pursue someone who seems dangerous or edgy. This kind of attraction only lasts a short while so make sure to look a little deeper.

6. Be kind to yourself.

Your body is a temple! Eat well, exercise, walk your dog, read a book and take a nap! We’ve all heard those words and it’s important to remember them because treating yourself well will help you to feel great inside and out. There is nothing more attractive than that.

7. Look out for yourself by listening to your heart.

The only person who is responsible for finding the right person for you is YOU. You can lean on friends and family to support you along the way but ultimately you have to be the one to decide.

8. Why not try dating the nice ones?

This goes without saying but many people may be overlooking someone in their life that is there for the long haul. Don’t waste your life on the wrong person when you deserve happiness with someone who is actually a good person.

9. Let go of your baggage.

No one has lived a life free of pain or rejection. If you’ve had a past relationship that caused you emotional trauma, it might be hard to let that go. Don’t compare your past partner with your future one…each day is a fresh start and it is the same with finding love again.

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