Do you really know where your food comes from? [QUIZ]
Who knew? Pineapples don't actually grow on trees!
Jenà Lowe

Did you know that cantaloupes actually grow on the ground a lot like pumpkins do? If you thought they might grow on trees, you’re not alone. Davis
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The quiz below will not only show you how much you already know about where the food you eat comes from, but you’ll also learn a ton about the foods you consume every day!

Take the quiz to see if you really know where your food comes from. Then SHARE with your family and friends to see how they stack up!


Do you know where you food comes from?

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When peanuts are growing they look like

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Vanilla bean ice cream gets its vanilla from

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Asparagus grows straight from

4 / 10

Cashwes are

5 / 10

Sesame seeds grow from

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A warm cup of hot chocolate has cacao that grows

7 / 10

Those furry kiwis grow on

8 / 10

Cinnamon is

9 / 10

You'll find pineapples growing

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BONUS: Your morning cup of joe comes has coffee beans that come from

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The average score is 67%


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By Jenà Lowe
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